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     In recent years, with the increasing popularity of the polypeptide market, the increasing variety of polypeptides and the increasing demand of the polypeptide market, more and more enterprises are engaged in polypeptide research and production. However, few enterprises have excellent R&D team and mature amplification conditions of polypeptide production process, and even fewer can incorporate the study of polypeptide stability into the quality system. There are few polypeptide R&D teams and enlarged conditions of polypeptide technology, and few enterprises have a sound quality research system and pass through the new GMP polypeptide production workshop in China.

      zhejiang Huajun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, which formerly known as Hangzhou Huajin pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., has more than 10 years research and production process on polypeptide. Huajun Pharma has an excellent polypeptide R&D team and a sound quality management team, but also has the technology and facilities for gradually enlarging production. Huajun pharma has a polypeptide production workshop through the latest version of GMP. Huajun Pharma can provide commissioned customized production services for polypeptide research institutions and multinational enterprises.

     1. Provide customized non-GMP-level polypeptides

2. Providing Polypeptide Contract Research Service (CRO)

3. Provide GMP-level polypeptide Contract manufacture service (CMO)

4. Providing commercialized polypeptide raw materials