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Zhejiang Huajun Held ‘The First Internal Training Meeting on the Polypeptide Industry’


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To improve the professional skills and enhance the competitiveness of Zhejiang Huajun polypeptide team, the company held ‘The First Internal Training Meeting on the Polypeptide Industry’ in the meeting room on the fifth floor of Anji production base at 18:00 on the evening of December 12. Zhou Zhengbing, the General Manager of Huadi Pharmaceutical Group and Huajun Company, Yu Baobin, the Executive Deputy General Manager of Huadi Pharmaceutical Group, heads of all departments of Huajun Company and all staff attended the meeting.

Zhejiang Huajun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Held ‘The First Internal Training Meeting on the Polypeptid

The two speakers of this training meeting mainly introduced the related content of peptide separation and purification combined with their experience in peptide development and production. They talked about the key points in the development of the separation and purification process of polypeptide drugs and the amplification production process. What’s more, they pointed out the structure change of polypeptide in the purification process is the core problem that affects the purification process development as well. The speaker took the oral Semaglutide as an example and made a detailed analysis of the gap in the development level of polypeptide drug technology between China and abroad. The production process of solid phase synthetic polypeptide drugs, the control of process impurities and the difficulties in process development were also discussed in the speech. Speekers pointed out the bottleneck problem in the development of polypeptide drug technology, and appealed to develop an innovative separation and purification method in polypeptide industry.

After listening to the reports, the Deputy General Manager Yu said that it is necessary to organize such kind of trainings in order to improve the comprehensive strength of Huajun Company. Only by constantly expanding professional knowledge can we solve practical problems better.

Zhejiang Huajun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Held ‘The First Internal Training Meeting on the Polypeptid

Finally, the General Manager Zhou gave a summary speech. He emphasized that the prospect of synthesis peptide drug had a bright future and the group attaches great importance to the company's overall development. The complicated difficulties that Huajun faced should incentive everybody to grasp the nettle, persevere and forward steadily. He hoped that Huajun polypeptide team can unite and forge ahead to achieve the listed goal of Huajun!

The training was so successful and all participants gained a lot. It will be held as a routine meeting every two-weeks with two speakers each time. Through holding of the internal training meeting, we hope the learning enthusiasm of the team can be improved and motivated, so as to realize the rapid and stable development of Huajun Company.