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‘The Second Internal Training Meeting on the Polypeptide Industry’ of Huajun was held


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In order to improve the team's learning enthusiasm, enhance the team's work motivation of Zhejiang Huajun polypeptide team, the company held ‘The Second Internal Training Meeting on the Polypeptide Industry’in the meeting room on the fifth floor of Anji production base at 18:00 on the evening of January 2. Zhou Zhengbing, the General Manager of Huadi Pharmaceutical Group and Huajun Company, and all members of Huajun production and quality department attended the meeting.

This training session was mainly divided into two parts to introduce the professional knowledge of the peptide industry. The first part was the long slope and thick snow of polypeptide industryand the strategy and significance of the secondary development of polypeptide drugs. Firstly, the development status of polypeptide drugs industry, the characteristics of polypeptide drugs and their advantages and disadvantages compared with small molecule drugs were introduced. Secondly, the speaker explained the research status of polypeptide drugs from multiple perspectives, and summarized some of the current hot research directions. At the same time, combining with the current domestic research status, the speaker expressed expectations for the future research and development of polypeptide drugs. Finally, the significance and strategy of the second development of peptide drugs are briefly introduced. The second part was the macro control of drug production quality, which mainly combed the basic framework of laws and regulations involved in API production, focusing on the introduction of ‘Drug Management Law’, ‘Drug Production Quality Management Specification’ and ‘Chinese Pharmacopoeia’ (2015). The concept of refined operation was emphasized.

‘The Second Internal Training Meeting on the Polypeptide Industry’ of Huajun was held

Finally, Mr. Zhou made a summary of the training. He pointed out that our team should actively respond to general secretary Xi Jinping's call 'Let's seize the day and live it to the full', try our best to do the things at hand. Finally, Mr. Zhou expressed his expectation that the training should be evaluated. He hoped every member of the polypeptide team can make achievements in their respective posts through continuous learning and gradually deepening the pharmaceutical industry.